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The Most Interesting Cold

For about a week now I’ve been working through one of those really tiresome head colds that changes every day.  You know the ones, where one day you’re congested and the next day you’re sneezy and the next day you can’t stop sniffling.  Of course, this is our busiest season, so I’ve been playing every day, and it’s been interesting to see just how the oboe has been affected.

Interesting because so much that happens when I play is invisible.  The process is not as simple as just puckering up and blowing through the reed - there’s a lot of back pressure that comes along with it and, evidently, a lot of different things that I normally, naturally, unthinkingly do with that pressure as I play.

Early on, the biggest issue was my swollen throat.  The passage between my mouth and nose felt unusually big and oddly shaped as this cold got underway, which caused air to escape from its high-pressure passageway.  So, as I tried to blow my usual stream of air through the reed and instrument, the sof…

End of the Campaign!

This is it - the end of the crowdfunding campaign.  The last eighteen hours.  It's been humbling to watch as contributions came in and people from ALL OVER showed their support by donating and by sharing the campaign and by just emailing in to let us know that they loved the idea.

And the idea continues to be great.  What could be wrong with a chamber music series that supports local non-profits?  So far the only downside is this one - that I have had to ask for money to start it up.

Asking for help has never been my strong suit.  I want to do it all myself, every time.  But I've been blown away by the support we have gotten just by asking, and WE'RE ALMOST DONE!

If you've been thinking that South Bend needs more chamber music - if you've been thinking that you wanted to support this exciting project - if you've meant to kick in a few dollars - this is your time.  Please check out the campaign today!