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The Magic of Words

After my concerto performance last June, I was chatting with a lovely woman from the audience.“It’s not like you’re blowing through the oboe,” she said.People are always interested in the AIR, and I had just finished talking about circular breathing with someone else.So I was sure I knew what she was about to say, but I was wrong.“It’s as though you’re sending your very soul through it.”
Needless to say, this statement floored me.Because it was so poetic and lovely, and because it made the work I had just done - a real physical effort, right? - seem like a greater good, somehow.Because it actually felt incredibly resonant to the way I think about the oboe, and about air and breathing and support, and was just such a perfect and efficient way to say the thing I always struggle to describe.
On the physical side, I relate very well to the verb “sending”, compared to the word “blowing”.To blow feels adversarial, like blowing OUT a candle, like blowing AT something external to you. It f…