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Thesis: Communication is important. Letting the other person know your CONTEXT is a part of that.

Scene: We’re walking the doggo, so I can’t step into the co-op with Steve.  We’re all wearing masks, which as you know makes communication a little bit more fraught.

"I’m going to grab some coffee - what can I get you?"





"No, Kombucha, please."

"WHAT? Cup of joe?" 

Bless his heart. He REALLY knows me.  In 22 years of marriage I have given him no reason to think that I would prefer a non-coffee, non-booze beverage under any circumstance.

I’m a complex person, and I reserve the right to change up my order on a hot day when something with a little pro-biotic tang sounds appetizing.  But he was confused, which I get. 

I was working with an Invincible Oboist recently, reiterating that the METER must be clear when you perform. It’s remarkable how much of my energy as a listener - especially…

COMMUNICATING Through the Mask

I was just trying to pick up my kid’s prescription at the pharmacy.
Between the mask covering half my face and the plexiglass barrier, I was almost reduced to charades as I tried to communicate a simple order.
And we’ve all discovered this lately, I’m sure.When you are wearing a mask and trying to speak with someone else, you have to enunciate MUCH more than normal.You have to slow down and say all of the words distinctly.You might have to rephrase, to use more distinctive sounding words.Expressive eyebrows are helpful.It takes EFFORT to communicate in this age of COVID.
But you know what? We HAVE this skill already.As performers, we know what it is to have to heighten our affect and PROJECT our intentions beyond our bodies.We know that although we FEEL the music deeply within ourselves, that feeling doesn’t necessarily translate to an audience unless we SEND it there.
Practicing in my room, I can mumble.I can let the work I’m doing with my fin…